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Born August 4th 1953 in Dallas, Texas. Born at a time when Dallas still had stars in the August night. On Baby Charlotte's first night on Earth in the old WWII red brick apartment building, she could hear the wonderful sounds and cheers drifting in through the box fan of the open window from the Drive-In movie across the street.


Location, location, location set the destiny for her to stage her own productions that led to three decades of retail theatre, community and downtown revitalizations, and award winning event productions, including outdoor cinema in three locations of Moscow Idaho, Seattle Washington and Eureka Springs Arkansas.


Originally trained as a Montessori teacher to encourage the gifts of children, she took a detour to orchestrate the talents of the people within her community through her production company - 'GlamOrama Productions' - into city wide events that caught over a million people in her dragnet with the tagline - "Good Clean, Weird Family Entertainment" - Her dedication, she describes as her own - Mad Scientist - experiment of desegregating entertainment by seeing how many different people and ages she could bring together in each year's attendance. Some of those events include: Proprietrix for twenty years of the iconic, 'One More Time' in Moscow Idaho, that became - 'Glamorama - Clothing, Variety, and Wedding Chapel' - where ordained staff married over 500 couples under the giant upside-down wedding cake, and the first - 'Cyber Wedding' - was performed in 1995.


And...she purchased the missile that became - 'The Neon Rocket Monument' - branding the neighborhood of Fremont as - 'The Center of the Universe' - with the rocket pointing towards City Hall, leading to - 'The Republic of Fremont's' succession from the City of Seattle' - with the credo "Delibertus Quirkus" (The Freedom to be Peculiar).


She produced 'Moscow Mardi Gras' with David Giese for over 10 years. Her first outdoor cinema was co-produced in Seattle with the Seattle newspaper - 'The Stranger' - in a parking lot and became 'The Fremont Original Outdoor Cinema' and spawned ( in the Seattle salmon lingo ), 'The Summer Spectacular Outdoor Cinema' - featuring the movie 'Metropolis' with an original film score...( winning 2 Ticket Master awards for best new event ), 'The AT&T Outdoor Cinema'- co-produced with Kris Easterday - 'West Seattle Outdoor Cinema' and 'The Lucky 13 Outdoor Cinema'.


In the mid-'90's, with the perfect storm of friends moving to Seattle from Moscow Idaho, Eugene Oregon and Missoula Montana, she master minded , 'The Miracle of 34th Street...a Celebration of Life' through 'Miniature Golf for NW AIDS'. 'The Center of the Universe Ball New Year Millennium Party and Retirement Farewell' won the KEPA Ticket Master award for her and her partner, Peter English.


In Arkansas she invented the original concept of 'The Artery' and  'Masters /Apprentice / Preservation Foundation' with a four part downtown revitalization. Countless other events have been recorded in various national magazines and film. Her personal favorite events include a birthday slumber party on the rusty unearthed art deco ferry 'Kalakala', which included the 17 piece 'Degenerate Art Ensemble' performing an original film score for the silent film - 'The Gaucho'' - and the yard art extravaganza - 'The SNOTHEAD Gallery' - with 35 artists raising money for 'People Helping People'.


Being a party thrower and not a party goer, she keeps a balanced 'ON' and 'OFF' switch of public Town Wrangler and Hermit, and knows the value of long friendships.


Charlotte is married to artist and writer, James Yale and lives quietly as a shy retiring writer in Arkansas. She is working on the sequel to her first book - "Road Trip of Love - Tales of a Texas Jew Girl" tentatively titled - "Bitch Slapped by an Angel - The Love Story". Both are Mythical Non-Fictions.



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