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James Yale is one of the most accomplished portrait and figurative artist of our time. His work may be found in private, gallery, corporate and government collections. His paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints as well as licensed for of which is;



"Angel Visions" by Doreen Virtue, published by Hay House UK Ltd London in 2006. This book may be purchased internationally at...




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by James Yale

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James' and Charlotte's books are now available to order on-line in paperback from / Books. Just click on the Amazon site and enter the "name of the book and author" in the search window. Prices may vary with the different sale prices Amazon Books offers, and with the amounts you order and their combined shipping cost. You will be more than pleased with their competitive prices and their relatively fast deliveries. And YES they do accept PayPal and other forms of electrronic payents for your convenience.



"A Delicate Balance"

- An Epic Journal of Space and Time -

by James Yale


"A Delicate Balance" will challenge you to question what you have been taught or sublimitally programed to believe. But for just a moment consider..."Within every lie there is a truth...and in every truth there is a lie." When all is said and done and the present fades into the past, it really doesn't matter what was real or imagined...we are only left with or feelings and what we choose to believe.



"Road Trip of Love"

- Tales of a Texas Jew girl -

by Charlotte Buchanan


Explore the theory; We are a product of our parents love story at conception.  If  that love story is unfinished it is passed on to us to complete in order that our spirits and future spirits be free.


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To commission a portrait or other work you may contact us and make an appointment to visit Yale Art Studio to discuss the proposed commission. The Studio also accepts inquiries from artists agents, galleries and publishers concerning wholesale accounts and licensing agreements.


- photo of James and Charlotte -

- by Arturo -


James Yale was featured in a four page article in the October 2011 commemorative edition of...



2 N JOY Magazine - Volume 2 - Issue 3 - that also featured the CRYSTAL BRIDGES Art Museum Grand Opening 11-11-11



The full color article about James Yale appears on page 20 and is entitled: A Day Trip to Another Universe - Yale Art Studio and Gallery. For more information you may contact:


All Artwork and Text Copyright 2012 by James Yale