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All Artwork and Text

Copyrighted 2015

by James Yale

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Grandmother Frankie,

baby James,

grandfather Herb 

and sister Rayanna



Biography _________________________________________________


James was born January 1947 on a small farm in south west Missouri. As a young child James soon began to express an interest and ability in writing, drawing and painting.


His mother and grandmother encouraged him and were the first to teach him about art and music. His grandmother would sit him on her lap and read wonderful science fiction books that were beautifully illustrated. She would show him how to draw and paint. His mother started James on the piano.


His father and grandfather taught him the fine art of farming, taking care of animals, gardening, carpentry and the mechanics of how things work.


His fascination and love for the arts was to become his life's journey.


He was fortunate to begin studying with several professional artists at a young age. This early exposure of apprenticing with established artists taught him many aspects of the art world that could never be obtained from a formal education.


James began selling his art while still in high school and in 1965 opened his first studio. He attended Joplin Junior College and apprenticed with Author Boles, his art professor and mentor. Yale studied under several commercial illustrators and portrait sketch artists to gain experience and perfect his talent.


Yale has owned and operated studios and galleries in Missouri, Texas and Arkansas. At the same time he has traveled across the country sketching and painting portraits and receiving commissions for over 50 years. He has illustrated newspapers, magazines, books, music albums and CD cover art. James also worked in advertising, producing print media, videos and television commercials. Yale has won many awards cross the country in both commercial and fine art.


His client list includes portraits of John Tyson, founder of Tyson Foods, Sam and Helen Walton of Walmart, past President Bill Clinton, Doctor Spock, Willie Nelson and countless others. Now in his late 60's, Yale is internationally known, still painting and just finished writing a new novel entitled, "A Delicate Balance". Its an epic journal of Space and Time. At present, James is working on a new illustrated book and starting to work on a new portrait project.


Synchronicity?...Over the past few years James has had people contact him out of the blue. Most of them have found him through this website or through Facebook. A lot of them were old clients and friends he hadn't heard from for years. Some of them even sent him photos of artwork he had done for them over 40 years ago...a lot of which he never had taken any good photos of or didn't have any record of at all. This is no surprise, as James has done approximately 2000 portrait sketches in charcoal, conte' and pastels. He has created literally hundreds of works that were sold through galleries, that never kept records of their sales or who they were to. So at this time, if you have any of Yale's work...he would love to hear from you. Who knows what surprises lie ahead.



- Photo of James and Charlotte -

by Arturo - 2012 -


James and Charlotte Yale with his commissioned painting of the Late Don Tyson of Tyson Foods.


James and Charlotte married on Groundhogs day, February 2nd, 2008. In 2009 they began working on building a new studio between their home and Beaver lake. They live there with their dog, Olive and their cats, Spotty and Dora.


Charlotte is writing her second book entitled, "Bitch Slapped by an Angel - The Love Story".


James was previously married and has two children. Ely, born in 1976, teaches music in Rogers, Arkansas. Allison, born in 1982, lives in Oregon, where she likes to garden and design note cards, clothing and jeweley, that she makes with her partner, who is an extrodinary glass artist.








- The Art of James Yale -


Live models are used in most of James' paintings. He captures the light and energy of the human form with masterful works that combine nature and all of its mysteries in a timeless fashion. It's the dual reality of creating illusios of both the seen and unseen worlds, that stimulate our emotions and stir our dreams.



All Artwork and Text Copyright 2015 by James Yale