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James' portrait of the late Don Tyson




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We are pleased to announce James' and Charlotte's books are now available in paperback.
They can be ordered from "Amazon.com:Books".  Just click on
their "book search" and type in the "book title and author".


  An Epic Journal of Space and Time - Published in a Three Volume Set

by James Yale

Here are couple of five star reviews by Amazon customers:

James is a true visionary in his attempt to conquer the fear of the unknown. His journey begins when a mysterious acquaintance goes missing. In his pursuit to find him James stumbles across several hand written journals. What the journals reveal is a facinating array of possibilities. The story leads the reader to question, are we alone in the universe?

James Yale, author of A Delicate Balance series, is a master painter of extraordinary proportions. That same master artistic talent fulfills its immense character as an artist at weaving a stunning tapestry of life through story beautifully protrayed. Combining tales from a journal dropped into his lap by an "angel" come to awareness, along with his own infinitely touching notations, makes for a compelling tale of life's meaning that not only stretches one's imagination, but which also touches both the heart and soul. Indeed without giving away the key elements of this series, it is sure to take you on roads less traveled, to worlds beyond the ordinary. Drinking in the language and meaning found not only on the lines, but between them, is sure to open willing readers to the rich texture of their own lives, to places and ideas many have not dared to fathom. Adverterous, humourous, and straight forward with no holds barred, this refreshing series is one that is sure to entertain as well as inform; sure to delight as well as inspire. Dig in; you'll be glad you did, many times over! - Jim Young, author of Aware in a World Asleep, and other spiritual books.





Tales of a Texas Jew Girl


by  Charlotte Buchanan


Here are more reviews by Amazon customers, for Road Trip of Love.


A delicious treat, sure to nourish you on every level!

by Dr. Jim Young

Diving into Charlotte Buchanan's ROAD TRIIP OF LOVE is to romp naked through her extraoridinary life story and suddenly relizing that it's also our own life we're romping through. And that it's not where life takes us in the end, but that the life is about the journey itself - and thus defies what love really is. Such is the nature of permission her stories give to us, permission to see ourselves from the inside out. Charlotte bars no holds. Her descriptions of events, circumstances and people who helped shape her into her unique way of being are unusually real and hugely compelling because they are seen now through the eyes of retrospect and a heart open to making the connection between relationships and reality--a deep, spiritual reality that transends the usual approach of feeling seperate and apart from it all. Her delightfully humourous and highly entertaining language and way of seeing life come not so much from being a Texas Jew, but are more about bring aware of what jife brings to the fore when we allow it to sinply be itself. Especially when we remember to no take ourselves so seriously. Surely, ROAD TRIP OF LOVE has soul, is a compelling story that will inspire - and empower - any reader (not unlike you) who has interest in coming to awareness of what lifeis abiut, but also what their purpose in this life is. It's truely a "must read!"


She examines her life inthe rear view mirror while navigating along the road seeking her next big adventure on the road trip of love.

by Kate

The Road Trip of love is Charlotte's Samurai/Madonna Master Class in living among em-all of em- with authenticity, grace, dignity and humor.

The trip's road is as smooth as freshly poured concrete and / or pitted with pot holes; sometimes an express lane sometimes a one way rural path, sometimes an unknown highway exit; always as unexpected as a carnival ride. Full of anticipation, expectation, celebrations, disapointments, surprises - the stuff we are all made of. She examines her life in the rear view mirror while navigating along the road seeking her next big adventure on the road trip of love. Charlotte, like the very best master teachers, graciously encourages us to do the same. Because she carves out a unique path and survives it ALL (life and death encounters) like a champ - we can too.