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Master ~ Apprentice ~ Preservation

non profit artist foundation


Our Mission: The Master Apprentice Preservation Foundation (MAP) is a not-for-profit foundation, established and licensed in 2007, under the umbrella of "United Charitable Programs" - empowering people to help people.


M.A.P. provides a much needed symbiotic relationship for disabled or aging Master Artists with Students that Apprentice for them.  In this time honored tradition, the Students work for the Master Artists. They earn a valuable education of all aspects of the fine arts, thus stimulating their imagination and refining their talents and skills. They learn the legal and business end of selling and accounting.  The student apprentices learn how to do Preservation work. 

This encompasses:

  1. The fine art of preserving and restoring original works of art. 

  2. The technical process of photographing art and building digital files to record and preserve the artist's work.  This also translates into designing and building websites with supported print material.   

   3.  Recording the Master's biography, life stories, experiences and

accomplishments. This preserves a digital written record of the Artist life and Work that will be saved for the whole world for generations to come. The Apprentices make valuable contacts in the art world that will help advance their careers.  They also earn scholastic credits that apply to their formal education.


The Needs of the Master Artists: There are a great many creative and talented artists who work their entire lives and go relatively unnoticed. Their lives and their work fade away into obscurity after they pass on. The only thing that can be worse to an artist is: still being alive and unable to work, either by physical disability or the progression of age or both.  Their imagination and skills are still inside them and  they want to create. There are to many physical limitations and simply not enough hours in the day. They don't have the resources to hire any one to help them to do the do simplest of task.  In the end the entire world will loose their imagination, knowledge and gift of life and art.


Our Method: M.A.P. utilizes the time proven student apprentice  method the old Masters created thousands of years ago, before there were schools, colleges and government support programs.  M.A.P. provides a plan and network that matches the student as an apprentice to the master artist who is in need. This is in cooperation with, and made possible by local schools and universities. Their students assist the Master artists and are exposed to a lifetime of experience and knowledge and they receive scholastic credits. The entire community benefits:  The Artists, the Students, the Schools and Universities and the entire world.




All funds raised by M.A.P. are received by United Charitable Programs and become the sole property of UCP which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the project. The Program Manager makes recommendationsfor disbursements which are reviewed by UCP for approval.


Please donate today to help support M.A.P. non-profit foundation that benefits elder and disabled artists as well as student apprentices.


To donate please click on the site below.


" Thank you for supporting the arts and artists "



M.A.P. was created by James Yale and partner, Charlotte Buchanan.


James was diagnosed in 1990 with Multiple Sclerosis. Only with the help of others he is able to continue to create new masterpieces of fine art, like the example shown to the left. This piece was created for The ARTERY™ Open Air Gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


The ARTERY™ is the creation of Charlotte Buchanan. It represented over 80 artists from Arkansas and neighboring states.  Several of the artist are disabled, yet they still create wonderful works of art. You may see some of their work at.  


For more information or help email: